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The graphical installer that makes installing alternative Android distributions nice and easy.

Works out-of-the-box

Comes packaged with all tools like adb, fastboot and heimdall.

Bring your own ROM

Supports all kinds of different Android ROMs with TWRP recovery.

Demo: How to how to unlock the bootloader and install LineageOS.

Free & Open Source

Bring your smartphone's operating system up to date with free software.

Supports many devices

Built-in support for 86 devices and an easy extension system.

Want to give your old phone a second life or free your new phone?

The OpenAndroidInstaller helps you installing a custom android operating system on your phone without the technical hassle.

  • Keep your smartphone up-to-date even if your vendor doesn't supply updates.
  • Run your smartphone without bloated vendor software or get rid of Google.

Free your Android device with a custom ROM!

Works on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Download now!

Getting started

Linux is currently the best supported platform (tested with Ubuntu 20.04/22.04 LTS). Windows and MacOS are also well supported but you might experience more issues. So far there is no support for ARM-based systems.

Note, that Ubuntu 22.04 can be booted from a USB drive without installing it. This might be a simple solution if you face any compatibility issues.

How to run the application:

  • Download the .exe, flatpak or appropriate executable file for your OS. You might need to change permissions to run the executable. (On Windows, also install the Universal USB Drivers and other potentially drivers needed for your device.)
  • Start the desktop app and follow the instructions. You might need to allow or enable the execution of the software.

What to install?

You can use the OpenAndroidInstaller to install all kinds of custom Android ROMs and Addons like Google Apps, MicroG or the F-Droid-Store.

A selection of different Android-based ROMs and where to find them:

Demo: How to install Addons like MicroG alongside LineageOS.

Contribute to the project!

OpenAndroidInstaller is open source software, meaning that anyone can inspect, modify, enhance it, and share it. But it's not just for programmers! We invite anyone to come and participate in the creation of OpenAndroidInstaller. Regardless of your skillset, we're sure there is something you can add to our community and the project.

  • Fix and improve texts in configs and in the application.
  • Test the tool for a supported device.
  • Create a config for a new device.
  • Test the application on your computer.
  • Contribute an application build for a new platform.


Use the OpenAndroidInstaller and report a bug


Adding support for new devices

Support for devices is managed by config files that describe steps and metadata of the installation process.

Finding issues to fix

The source code is hosted on GitHub. A number of the issues are marked with the "good first issue" label indicating they are suitable for someone new to the OpenAndroidInstaller code base.


Test the installer

Often there are pre-releases or specific features that need testing. What you can do:

  • Test the tool regularly with a spare device and check if everything still works
  • Follow us on Mastodon or Twitter and test new (pre-) releases and report issues.