Frequently Asked Questions

What Android ROMs are supported?

Most of the devices are tested with LineageOS (official and some unofficial releases) as well as LineageOS for MicroG or PixelExperience when available. But you can use the OpenAndroidInstaller to install all kinds of custom Android ROMs.

A selection of different Android-based ROMs and where to find them:

My device is not supported. What can I do?

If your device is currently not supported, you have basically two options.

Contribute support for your device:

If you have some experience with flashing Android ROMs, you can find more details on how to contribute here: How to contribute?

Ask for support:

You can also open a github issue and ask for support for your device. There might be reasons, that your device is not supported and likely will not get support.

How can I use Google Apps for my device?

While we don't like google apps, some people feel that they need them to leverage the full experience of their Android devices. We believe people should be free to do what they want with their devices. This is why we are working on supporting you to install them as well.

This is not supported yet, so for now we recommend using ROMs with build-in Google Apps like PixelExperience.

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